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Links used in my session “The Lotus Developer Ecosystem”

Here are the links I used today in my part of the session: AD102 – The Lotus Developer Ecosystem: Information And Assets To Make Your “Yellow” Tasks Easier

OpenNTF and IBM

Kevin Cavanaugh, Vice President, Messaging and Collaboration, IBM, mentioned today in the Opening General Session at Lotusphere that IBM has agreed to sponsor a new collaboration with ...

Notes and Domino information center for 8.5

The Notes and Domino information center for 8.5 is now live – see here.

My Lotusphere session

My trip to Lotusphere has just been approved 🙂 This year I’ll have a session about community – The Lotus Developer Ecosystem: Information And Assets To Make Your “Yellow” Tasks Easier (see here).

CRM Composite Application from YouAtNotes

Julian Buß from YouAtNotes has sent me a preview of their CRM composite application. He wrote that they want to release it at the beginning of next year or even earlier at the end of this year. He...

MindPlan Composite Application Component from Haus Weilgut

Haus Weilgut has released their version 3.1 of MindPlan. Karsten Lehmann blogs about how you can use MindPlan as a component in a composite application – see here. In the package with the compos...

Feedback needed: Open catalogs for Lotus Notes/Domino applications

Everyone, I’m working with a couple of colleagues on ideas how we can help the Notes/Domino application development community to continue to grow. I’ll post more about our general goals and ideas i...

Re-use of existing NSFs in new applications without design changes in Lotus Notes

For composite applications it is key to be able to assemble existing components without changing them first. That is because sometimes you don’t have access to the component’s code and/or you are t...

Some impressions from DNUG

Yesterday I had my composite application session at DNUG. At the beginning I asked 1. how many people have heard about composite applications, 2. how many have seen samples and 3. how many have tri...

DNUG has started

Brent Peters and Kevin Cavanaugh just started with their opening keynote speech: Reiner Gratzfeld said there are more than 300 attendees. I...

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