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From DNUG: With XPages it's Fun again to develop for Domino

Last week I attended DNUG in Bamberg. One of my highlights was something I’ve heard a couple of times in different sessions and when talking with people:

With XPages it’s fun again to develop applications for Domino.

This is obviously very important and it felt really good to hear this from developers who provide real value with their solutions.

The XPages sessions were pretty well attended. Ulrich Krause presented in his XPages sessions basics but also the more advanced new capabilities in the extension library. The room was packed.

I moderated a speed geeking session about different mobile solutions to use smartphones and tablets to access data and services from Domino. One solution was Unplugged from Teamstudio. Another new product was docLinkr from We4IT. The third solution was N-Mobility from Q!kom. These solutions and the XPages mobile controls have in common that they don’t require developers to write native code so that these apps can be built faster and easier.

In addition to this other solutions in this area come up often these days. For example the mobile framework from YouAtNotes or the Kryos Velocity AppXtender. I like the open source app from Mark Hughes to access Domino address books including offline support.

I also presented the new Social Enabler which is part of the extension library. Herbert Wagger
from the IBM business partner INTRANET Software & Consulting presented his application Safebook. In the latest version his company has started to use the Social Enabler to integrate with IBM Connections and Dropbox.


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