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Samples to get started with Cognitive Watson Services

Over the last weeks I had to pleasure to investigate most of the Watson services on Bluemix. Below is a series of articles in which I describe the different services, most of the times by providing simple samples including code snippets and screenshots.

Overall I really like the developer experience of the Watson services and how easy it is to embed cognitive functionality in your own applications. The last versions of some of the services can now be trained for your own domains which makes them even more valuable.


Thumbs Up for Watson’s Visual Recognition Service
Watson’s Visual Recognition service understands the contents of images. You can train this service with your own classifications. This article describes a simple sample how to train Watson to recognize the thumbs up gesture.

Steering Anki Overdrive Cars via Speech Recognition
Via a combination of the Watson Speech to Text service and the Watson Natural Language Classifier service Anki Overdrive cars can be steered.

Analyzing the Personalities of Minecraft Players with Watson
In multiplayer games it might make sense to understand the personalities of competitors or to understand the personalities of players when forming teams. This article describes how the Personality Insights service could be used in Minecraft.

Having Fun with the Bluemix Selfie Drone
This Bluemix demonstration showcases the Internet of Things functionality and cognitive Watson services. With the “Bluemix Selfie Drone” application you can take selfies and tweet the portraits on the pictures which are identified via the Alchemy Face Recognition API.

Watson Concept Insights Sample for Eclipse FAQ
My colleague Hiroaki Komine and I open sourced a sample that shows how to use the Watson Concept Insights service and the Watson Document Conversion service on Bluemix to improve search results for the Eclipse FAQ.

Customizing the Watson Language Translation Service
With the Watson Language Translation service you can translate from and to English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish and Egyptian. To optimize the translations you can customize the service for your own domains.

Building Cognitive Question and Answer Systems
IBM Watson provides services to enable cognitive functionality in your own applications. In this article I describe on a high level how to ‘mix’ some of these services to build question and answers systems.

Simple Sample of the Watson Dialog Service
With the Watson Dialog service developers can build applications using natural language to automatically respond to user questions, for example to help users to reset their passwords.

Classify Natural Language without a Background in Machine Learning
With the Natural Language Classifier Watson service developers can classify natural language so that, for example, you can build a virtual agent application that answers common questions.

Sample of the Watson Tone Analyzer for WordPress
With the Watson Tone Analyzer service you can discover, understand, and revise the language tones in text before you publish, send or share it. This articles contains a little sample how to invoke the service from WordPress via a simple Chrome extension.

Text Analysis via AlchemyAPI to identify Entities, Concepts and Sentiments
The AlchemyAPI service provides multiple AlchemyLanguage APIs that offer text analysis through natural language processing. This article includese some samples that show how to extract entities and concepts and how to understand sentiments.

News Analysis via AlchemyAPI for Topics, Companies and People
The AlchemyAPI service provides an API to access news and blog content from the last 60 days enriched with meta information like sentiments and entities identified through natural language processing.

Simple Sample of the Watson Document Conversion Service
With the Watson Document Conversion service PDF, Word and HTML documents can be converted into HTML, plain text or JSON. The converted documents can be used as input to other Watson services like Concept Insights and Retrieve and Rank.

Sample of the Watson Retrieve and Rank Service
This article covers some findings that might help people to learn about the power of the Retrieve and Rank service.

To find out more the Watson services check out the Watson Developer Cloud website.

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