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Slides and Links of my XPages Mobile and OpenNTF Sessions

Over the last weeks I’ve attended BLUG, DNUG and DanNotes. These users groups were different in terms of audience, organization, etc. but I’ve enjoyed all of them. It’s good to meet friends and I’ve also met several people the first time.

I’ve done mostly demos ‘only’ since with XPages and OpenNTF we can show so much that is real today. Below are my introduction slides I used at DanNotes and links of the projects I demonstrated.

**[XPages Mobile Controls DanNotes 11/23/11](http://www.slideshare.net/niklasheidloff/xpages-mobile-controls-dannotes-112311 "XPages Mobile Controls DanNotes 11/23/11")**

XPages Mobile Controls
Mobile Documents
Mobile Address Book
Mobile To Dos
Mobile Help App
Mobile Contacts and Reminders

**[OpenNTF Overview DanNotes 11/23/11](http://www.slideshare.net/niklasheidloff/openntf-overview-dannotes-112311 "OpenNTF Overview DanNotes 11/23/11")**

Extension library (REST, JDBC, Mobile, Social)
Java charts
PDF exporter
ZK spreadsheet
Multi database search
Select database
Asynch multi file uploader
View pick list
Search and tag cloud

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