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My Thoughts on the Second OpenNTF XPages Development Contest

Last Friday the submissions for the second OpenNTF XPages development contest were due and I’ve just tried the last ones that came in. I have to say I’m really happy about the outcome of this contest.

While the total number of submissions was lower than the first time, I think the quality of the top 10 submissions is at least as high as the top 10 from the first contest. I think authors spent much more time to develop the top submissions compared to the first contest. As far as I understand two submissions even used to be commercial products. Maybe the incentive of an additional free Lotusphere ticket has helped.

It also seems like some people learned from the first contest. Rather than contributing rather simple controls the focus was on higher quality submissions that actually have a chance to win. Furthermore while during the first contest new submissions came in rather regularly, this time many people uploaded their apps in the last days (20 releases last week).


I want to thank everyone who participated in the contest. Most importantly the contributors (no particular order): Henning Schmidt, Chintan Parekh, Weihang Chen, Ferhat Bulut, David Marko, Ulrich Krause, Mark Hughes, Patrick Kwinten, Paul Withers, Andrew Luder, Fredrik Norling, Frank van der Linden, Lars Buntrock, Mariusz Jakubowski, Michael McGarel, Tim Tripcony and Keith Strickland. Henning, Chintan, Weihang, Ferhat and David are first time OpenNTF contributors.

I also want to thank our sponsor We4IT who sponsored the iPads/iPhones/vouchers for the three winners and I want to thank everyone involved in the planning and judging, esp. Rene, Per and Bruce, which takes actually a fair amount of time. And a big thank you to Peter Tanner who cleared the submissions.

All submissions, short descriptions, screenshots and mini videos have been posted on http://xpages.info/contest. Additionally I’ve uploaded the videos to YouTube. 35 minutes XPages goodness.

Now off to the judging – it’s gonna be really difficult. But there is one winner already – the XPages community.

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