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Recording of Talk How to develop your first cloud-native Applications with Java

At WeAreDevelopers Harald Uebele and I gave a 30 minutes talk ‘How to develop your first cloud-native Applications with Java’. Below is the recording and the slides.

In the talk we described the key cloud-native concepts and explained how to develop your first microservices with Java EE/Jakarta EE and Eclipse MicroProfile and how to deploy the services to Kubernetes and Istio.

For the demos we used our end-to-end example application cloud-native-starter which is available as open source. There are instructions and scripts so that everyone can setup and run the demos locally in less than an hour.

We demonstrated key cloud-native functionality:

Here is the video.

The slides are on SlideShare. There is also another deck for a one hour presentation with more details.

Picture from the big stage:


Get the code of the sample application from GitHub.

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