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Why should Developers use the IBM Cloud?

I created a short video (4 mins) where I describe why the IBM Cloud is a great cloud platform for application developers.


My name is Niklas Heidloff. I work as a developer advocate at IBM. One question that I get asked a lot by developers is: Why should I use the IBM Cloud?

For me there are three compelling reasons why developers should use the IBM Cloud:

1. IBM’s Cloud is a one-stop-shop

Reason number one: IBM’s cloud is a one-stop-shop. Everything you need to build modern applications is available on the IBM Cloud. There are more than 190 services, for example AI services, databases, Internet of Things, DevOps, weather data, analytics services and much more.

IBM’s cloud platform combines Platform as a Service (PaaS) with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and you can choose from various compute options: Kubernetes, serverless, PaaS, virtual machines and bare metal.

Additionally you can deploy cloud-native applications either to the public cloud or to IBM Cloud Private when you prefer to run certain data sensitive workloads on-premises.

2. IBM provides open source based services

Here is reason number two why developers should use the IBM Cloud. IBM loves open source and is one of the three or four companies who contributes most open source.

IBM has a long open source history, starting 20 years ago with the engagement and leadership of several open source initiatives like Apache, Eclipse and Linux. Most recently IBM open sourced code and contributed to projects like OpenJ9, a JVM optimized for container workloads, Open Liberty, a lightweight and flexible Java application server, the serverless platform Apache OpenWhisk, the service mesh Istio and Hyperledger Fabric to build blockchain based applications.

Many of the services offered in the IBM Cloud are available as open source and IBM offers managed versions of them allowing developers to be more productive and not having to worry about infrastructure. Examples are Kubernetes with managed Istio and Knative, the serverless framework Apache OpenWhisk, Cloud Foundry Enterprise environments, Postgres and Cloudant, a managed Apache CouchDb database.

The benefit for developers is that they can use standard skills to develop applications and they can use the same skills for the next roles and jobs. Additionally by using technologies like Kubernetes applications can be built vendor agnostic.

3. The IBM Cloud is the cloud for enterprises

And here is the reason number three why developers should use the IBM Cloud. IBM’s Cloud is the cloud for enterprises. For compute options and services several isolation levels can be chosen. For example the managed Kubernetes service supports bare metal which is unique in the market. Similarly databases like IBM Cloudant are available in single tenant environments.

Furthermore topis like security are built into the platform end to end and via the easy to use Watson AI services, intelligent applications can be developed without having to be a data scientist.

You can also choose from a variety of data centers available in 19 countries on 6 continents that have been built to meet your needs for local access, low latency and certified security.

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Those are my top three reasons why developers should use the IBM Cloud. If you want to find out more, get a free lite account and try out the IBM Cloud without credit cards and without time expirations.



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