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Serverless and Kubernetes Demos

Over the next weeks I’ll repeat my session “When to use Serverless? When to use Kubernetes?” several times. As backup and for people who won’t attend the sessions I’ve recorded the demos.

Read the summary of the session and get the slides.

Demo 1 – 0:33 min
Developing and debugging OpenWhisk Node.js functions in Visual Studio Code

Demo 2 – 2:36 min
Developing and debugging Docker based functions and microservices in Visual Studio Code

Demo 3 – 5:48 min
A/B testing of Kubernetes applications with Istio

Demo 4a – 8:30 min
Deploying OpenWhisk functions to the IBM Cloud via CLI

Demo 4b – 10:23 min
Deploying nginx to Kubernetes via CLI and yaml configuration files and scaling pods

Demo 4c – 12:47 min
Deploying Jenkins to Kubernetes via Helm

Demo 5 – 14:18 min
Monitoring Kubernetes applications via Kubernetes Dashboard and Istio Dashboard

Here is the summary slide of the session:


Want to run these demos yourself? Try it out on the IBM Cloud.

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