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Moved my Blog to WordPress

Over the weekend I migrated my blog to WordPress. This allows me to benefit from the huge amount of themes and plugins, for example to display source code. While I still want to tune a couple of things, I’m glad I’m (almost) done since the migration wasn’t as fast as I had hoped.


To move the content I used the HTML Import 2 plugin. The main reason I chose this plugin was because it handles images. I built a simple XPage that displays only the HTML of the core entry and saved it to disk. The title and the publication dates are also imported automatically.

Via the Custom Permalinks I could keep the exact titles of my previous blog entries including dots. This allowed me to write rewrite rules to none of the existing links broke.
<br></br>RewriteEngine On<br></br>RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^id=(.*)$<br></br>RewriteRule ^nh/home.nsf/article.xsp?$ article/%1? [R=301,L]<br></br>Redirect 301 /nh/home.nsf/feed.rss /feed<br></br>

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