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My Lotusphere Sessions AD105 and BP109: Slides and 270 Screenshots

Here are the slides of two of my three sessions at Lotusphere 2012 plus 270 screenshots I took as backup.

Lotusphere 2012 BP109
Apps, Apps and More Apps: Meet the Very Best Open Source Apps from OpenNTF – The 2012 Edition
Niklas Heidloff, Bruce Elgort

**[Lotusphere 2012 BP109](//www.slideshare.net/niklasheidloff/lotusphere-2012-bp109 "Lotusphere 2012 BP109")** from **[Niklas Heidloff](//www.slideshare.net/niklasheidloff)**

Screenshots BP209

I demonstrated the following 22 apps:
XSnippets – Serdar Basegmez, Frank van der Linden, Bruce Elgort, Niklas Heidloff
Social Enabler – XPages development team
JDBC – XPages development team
Mobile Address Book – Mark Hughes
Twitter Controls – Henning Schmidt
Mobile Contacts and Reminders – David Marko
Help – Paul Withers
Mobile To Dos – Mark Hughes
Mobile Admin – Ferhat Bulut
Mobile Navigator – Lars Buntrock
Lotus People – Mariusz Jakubowski
Event Signup – Michael McGarel
WatrCoolr – Tim Tripcony
XBlog – Keith Strickland
View PickList – Mark Hughes
Search and TagCloud – Frank van der Linden
Java Charts – Naveen Maurya
ZK Spreadsheet – Dennis Chen
ReCaptcha – Marco Dreher
Select Database – Lars Buntrock
Uni-Form Controls – Mariusz Jakubowski
PDF Exporter – Rami Muurimäki

Lotusphere 2012 AD105
Use IBM Lotus Domino and XPages for Your Social Business
Niklas Heidloff, Herbert Wagger

**[Lotusphere 2012 AD105](//www.slideshare.net/niklasheidloff/ad105 "Lotusphere 2012 AD105")** from **[Niklas Heidloff](//www.slideshare.net/niklasheidloff)**

Screenshots AD105

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