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Send E-Mails from XPages leveraging the Embedded Experience in IBM Connections Mail

The OpenSocial specification defines a so called gadget embedded experience and a generic URL embedded experience for feeds, activity streams and mails. The URL embedded experience allows web sites to be displayed without having to implement gadgets.

The video below shows how e-mails can be sent from XPages applications that contain the MIME content type “application/embed+json” which contains a URL to a web site. I’ve used code from Mark Leusink from OpenNTF to do this. I had to add some lines of code that you can find in the comments of Mark’s snippet. Similarly my colleague Martin Donnelly demonstrated (17:00 min) a preview of a xp:sendMail action.

Here is a screenshot showing the latest news from Collaboration Today which fit nicely in the embedded experience since the site has a responsive design.

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