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Don't reinvent the Wheel: Use Bluemix Samples as Starting Points for your Apps

When implementing new applications or new functionality I always try to use an existing piece of code as starting point that comes close to what I’m looking for. Even for simple functionality this has proven to be a good practice for me since I don’t loose time trying to find the right APIs and dependencies. Fortunately for IBM Bluemix developers many samples have been made available under open source licenses over the last months.

Most Bluemix samples have been posted to GitHub, e.g. generic Bluemix samples or Watson samples, but finding the ones you’re looking for can be a challenge. Below are the different options to find samples in addition to internet searches.

In the documentation for every runtime and service there are links to available samples at the very top that showcase the functionality of the different services, e.g. the bluelist sample for the iOS push service.


The website bluemixdemo.com displays links to 150 samples. You can find samples by full text search, used service and language. From here the samples can be deployed easily via the Bluemix Deploy Button.


The Bluemix Dev page also lists some samples.

In addition to GitHub several projects have been posted on IBM Bluemix DevOps. You can find public Bluemix projects via search.

There is also a big number of Bluemix tutorials on IBM developerWorks which come with sample code.

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