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2012 Technology Trends from the IBM WebSphere CTO

Jerry Cuomo is an IBM Fellow and the WebSphere Chief Technology Officer. I watched the other day a great presentation from him about technology trends for 2012. Fortunately he’s published a lot of this presentation on DeveloperWorks and Facebook so that I can share this.

Jerry gives an overview of the top 10 trends for 2012 as he sees them in his blog. From there he links to different Facebook pages for details and to allow interaction. There is also a complete paper based version.

The reason I blog about it is because some of his trends are closely related to what I’m working on.

For example one of his trends is Social Business. I won’t repeat everything Jerry writes here, but just the fact that it’s on his list shows the importance of social business for IBM overall.

One area I worked on some time ago and would like to work on more again is Mobile which is another one of Jerry’s top 10 trends. Jerry talks about an IBM Mobile platform for both mobile web apps and native apps: “While we aspire to provide a development experience of write-once, run on many devices, using open web technologies, like HTML5 and JavaScript, we also know we must provide value for customers writing native applications as well. Hence our Mobile Technology includes an IBM component that installs on the mobile device, providing a growing number of value-added capabilities.” In this context I’ve spent some time recently to learn Worklight. Expect some blog entries about this soon.

Another app dev related trend is Business API Management. I blogged about this some time ago. From Jerry: “This trend is about harnessing Web APIs to grow your business. As the web expands beyond just the browser to mobile phones and connected devices (like your next car, for example!) there is a need for solutions that can help your businesses cope with this exponentially increasing demand for services and data on the web.”

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