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Hear the Buzz: iOS App using Twitter and Watson Services from IBM Bluemix

Hear the Buzz” is a sample iPhone app which finds tweets with positive or negative sentiments for topics which users enter manually or via iOS speech recognition. The discovered list of tweets can be read or users can listen to them.

Technically IBM Bluemix is used to host the backend functionality for the app. The backend application is a Node.js application which provides some REST APIs. The app leverages the following Bluemix services:
IBM Insights for Twitter: To find recent tweets for a specific topic with a certain sentiment
Text to Speech: To read the list of tweets
Advanced Mobile Access: To capture analytics and logs from mobile apps on the server

Watch the video to see a demonstration of the app or have a look at the following screenshots.


The application is available as open source. I’ll blog separately about some of the key techniques that I’ve used to develop the sample.

Thank you to Andrew Trice who contributed the code to play audio and thank you to Frederic Lavigne for this Twitter sample.

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