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Mobile Quality Assurance Service in Bluemix makes Mobile Developers more productive

One of the main benefits of IBM Bluemix is that it allows developers to be more productive and more innovative by providing infrastructure and services so that developers can focus on their specific requirements. A good example is the Mobile Quality Assurance service:

“Use IBM Mobile Quality Assurance for Bluemix to discover and set up mobile quality services for your apps. You can view high-level quality metrics for your mobile apps to get a quick understanding of the issues for apps that you are working on. These metrics include information for crashes, bugs, user feedback, and user sentiment.”

When writing mobile apps, developers spend typically more time on non-visible functionality like security, API calls and operations than the visible user interface. For example as soon as you build more than a prototype you need a way for users to provide feedback and report defects. Bluemix provides a quality assurance service that can easily be embedded in mobile apps. All you need to do is to download and import an SDK in your iOS or Android apps and do a little bit of configuration.

The video below describes the functionality of the mobile quality assurance service better than I can. Maybe just as appetizer to watch the video, my favorite feature is the ability for users to take screenshots, annotate and describe them and then upload them to an app dashboard.


Watch the video for more details.

There is another video that talks more about sentiment analysis which helps developers to track feedback from ratings in app stores to improve their apps.

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