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Quick Update: Excited to work as Developer Advocate again

Over the last year I’ve worked on a very interesting internal project. I’ve learned a lot about conversational experiences and it was a lot of fun. Most importantly I enjoyed working with great people in the Emerging Technologies organization.

Recently a new opportunity has come up and I’m happy to share that I will work as developer advocate again! I will be part of an international organization of advocates and will focus on developers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Technically I’ll cover everything related to application development in the cloud, which includes Watson, Bluemix, containers, servlerless, Internet of Things, Blockchain and more.

Last week I started to work in the new team. We had a great kick off meeting in Berlin and a great strategy meeting with the international team in Amsterdam. Our team loves developers.

I should be able to write new demos again soon and blog about them. I’d also like to write some journeys which our team publishes on the relative new page developer.ibm.com/code.

Right now we’re planning conferences and meetups we’d like to attend. If you know some developer conferences (in DACH) you think IBM really should attend and that you like, please let me know.

Also, we’re looking for more advocates in our team in Berlin. If you’re interested check out the job descriptions (search for ‘developer advocate’ in ‘berlin) or contact me directly.

Exciting times!

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