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Setting up IBM Software with Terraform

Automation is key when developing and deploying software. Community is key to get support, to find samples and more. This is why I like Terraform which is a great tool to automate infrastructure on any cloud and there is a huge community.

Infrastructure as Code

While developers have used source control systems for a long time, more and more DevOps engineers use the same mechanism to deploy and manage infrastructures. The main advantage of handling infrastructure as code is that with a declarative approach changes can be easier tracked and human errors can be reduced. Over the last years Terraform has gained popularity and became an established tool to set up infrastructure.

Getting started with Terraform

I’d like to blog soon more about Terraform. Here are some resources that I have used to learn it.

Terraform for IBM Software

IBM provides a lot of modules to deploy IBM Software.

Here is a little sample to deploy a resource group in the IBM Cloud and a namespace in a Kubernetes cluster.


Check out my blog for more information about Terraform, GitOps and IBM Software over the next days.

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