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Recent Java Updates from IBM

In preparation for a Java conference, I’ve spent some time to catch up on the latest activities in the Java community. With Java EE’s move to Eclipse and projects like MicroProfile there are a lot of things going on and there is a lot of innovation. Below are some pointers to articles my colleagues have published recently.


Oracle has changed the licensing for commercial use. Fortunately IBM open sourced OpenJ9 which is available together with the OpenJDK at no cost from AdoptOpenJDK, even for commercial use.


More about licensing:

Eclipse OpenJ9

The code of the open source JVM OpenJ9 is the same code base used by the IBM SDK for Java which means that it’s enterprise ready. Plus startup time is 40% faster and memory usage is 60% lower compared to other JVMs which makes it a perfect fit for container based workloads.

More about OpenJ9:

Eclipse MicroProfile

MicroProfile allows building cloud-native enterprise microservices. I like especially that MircoProfile based services can supplement Istio functionality, for example for application specific fallbacks.

More about MicroProfile:

More Resources

To learn more about what IBM provides for Java developers, check out the following resources:

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