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OpenNTF idea: Contributor of the quarter

I’ve just posted a blog entry in the OpenNTF blog. Here is the same blog entry:

Everyone, as you might have noticed we moved the OpenNTF blog on the OpenNTF.Org homepage. The goal is to use this blog to talk about the different ideas to extend OpenNTF and to announce more details about projects and other samples. We hope that we can get good feedback on these topics directly here. By putting it on the home page we want to demonstrate that things are actually happening rather than showing a stale home page for one month.

Today I want to write about an idea that I consider important. In the last years with Web 2.0 and social software like blogs more and more people tend to publish everything they want to publish on their personal blogs. I understand the reasons and don’t think that this trend can or should be undone. But at the same time I’d like to see more people using OpenNTF to share samples so that it is easier to find Notes/Domino samples in one place. I think one of the reasons why some people don’t want to do this is because they don’t get enough visibility and credibility when posting to OpenNTF. So the question is how we can give them/you more visibility.

As a simple solution we could make people names bigger/more visible and also add pictures. As a next step we might want to have profiles for people with some more information, the projects they are involved in, how to contact them etc. We talked with Lotus911/Nathan about the idea whether/how OpenNTF could leverage the profiles on bleedyellow, but other than a theoretical possibility we haven’t really thought about it yet.

Another idea that I hope we can provide sooner is to introduce some sort of ranking for contributors. Contributors could collect points for everything they do on OpenNTF, e.g.
– create new project: 100 points
– create new release of project: 60 points
– create bug fix: 10 points
– for every download of their project: 1 point
– write OpenNTF blog entry: 5 points
– installing/maintaining OpenNTF infrastructure – 10 points/hour
– write new idea in voting system: 4 points
– vote idea: 1 point
The list is of course not complete and the numbers can be adjusted, but you get the idea.

Then we could have something like a ‘contributor of the quarter’ or ‘member of the month’ who we write about in an announcement. The list of the top 10-20 people we could always display on the OpenNTF home page (e.g. right column). I hope this gives people some more incentives to help producing content on OpenNTF.

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