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Looking for founding members for OpenNTF Alliance

As Steve wrote yesterday we are looking for interested corporate members for the new OpenNTF Alliance.

There is a draft version of a set of documents that describes the new Alliance model which is being reviewed right now. Many of the ideas and concepts are re-used from OpenAjax.org. For example a steering committee will be responsible for strategy and direction and a technical committee will drive technical topics like infrastructure, new projects etc. The intention is to keep the model as simple as possible but to allow easier reuse of code from OpenNTF by using a good open source license (and required due diligence, membership agreements, etc.). One difference to OpenAjax is that OpenNTF also wants to allow individual members in addition to corporate members to allow as many as possible contributions.

If you are interested to join this effort contact us (steve.castledine at uk dot ibm dot com and niklas_heidloff at de dot ibm dot com). Please note though that OpenNTF expects some level of participation which can be code contributions, in kind assets, services to build infrastructure, etc.

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