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EngageUG Session: How to build Line of Business Applications with Bluemix

Tomorrow I’ll give a session at EngageUG with the title “Live on the Edge of Innovation with IBM Bluemix”. Bluemix is IBM’s innovation platform which supports developers to write new applications and functionality easily and fast without having to worry about infrastructure.

There is a ton on innovative services, runtimes and capabilities in Bluemix. In my session however I’ll focus on one aspect which is how to build collaborative Line of Business applications.

Line of Business requirements often lead to the development of new applications since standard software is not sufficient. Collaborative applications allow employees to work together synergistically to get their jobs done. Collaborative Line of Business applications often require the protection of intellectual property based on roles of employees. Samples scenarios are approval workflows, teamrooms or travel expenses.

In my session I’ll demonstrate an open source project ibm-bluemix/collaboration I’ve worked on that uses the CLEAN stack with services that are available on Bluemix today: Cloudant NoSQL database, LoopBack (REST API framework), AngularJS for web and mobile apps and Node.

In this session you will learn about IBM Bluemix, IBM’s cloud application platform. I’ll introduce some of the Bluemix services, especially services that can be used to build collaborative applications with the typical skills of Domino developers and line of business users who appreciate rapid application development.
Developers should always be looking to improve their technical skills. If you don’t, you, your apps, and your company will be left behind while the rest of the world moves forward. Luckily cloud platforms like IBM Bluemix give developers the means to get started using modern technologies without doing all the hard work to set everything up.
You will see demonstrations how to build collaborative applications with server side JavaScript, NoSQL databases, REST APIs, JavaScript frontends and access control lists, everything with functionality provided in Bluemix: Node.js, Cloudant and MongoDB, Swagger, AngularJS and LoopBack.

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