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Highlights of my technical Work in 2023

What a great year 2023 has been!

When ChatGPT was published at the end of 2022, I knew it would change the world. I wanted to learn and understand this technology. Fortunately, through my network of friends, managers and mentors I was able to work on Generative AI with some of our biggest clients and partners this year.

I’ve been in the IT industry for several years and have seen a lot. But I’ve never experienced such a fast pace of innovation. Capabilities that are possible and cheap today like fine-tuning of models didn’t seem to be applicable for most companies at the beginning of this year. It also turned out that fine-tuned smaller and cheaper models can be as efficient as really large generic models.


As always it has been a pleasure to work with so many smart colleagues at IBM. While I had worked as developer and developer advocate earlier, this year I focused on AI and learned a lot from IBM’s AI experts.


  • AI and Generative AI
  • LLM - Large Language Model
  • RAG - Retrieval Augmented Generation
  • Prompt Engineering
  • Fine-Tuning and GPUs
  • AI experiments
  • Models: Granite, FLAN T5, LLaMA, Falcon, …
  • Semantic searches and vector searches

Key technologies:

  • Hugging Face
  • Python
  • PyTorch
  • Open Source


  • IBM Watsonx.ai
  • IBM Watson Assistant
  • Elastic Elasticsearch

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