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GitLab now available in Bluemix

I’m still catching up on all the new functionality that has been added to IBM Bluemix over the last year. One new capability is to use GitLab for source control and lightweight project management.

Earlier this year the original JazzHub functionality was sunset and new and advanced capabilities have been added to Bluemix Continues Delivery. Developers can now use GitLab and integrate it in Bluemix DevOps toolchains. Alternatively you can also use GitHub (public) as well as GitHub Enterprise for Bluemix Dedicated.

The article from my colleague Stephen Northover describes the GitLab functionality and the architecture IBM chose to provide GitLab as part of the Bluemix experience.

Over the last year I’ve used GitHub Enterprise and really enjoyed it. For everyone who hasn’t access to GitHub Enterprise, GitLab might be an option for non public projects. For lightweight process management I’ve used ZenHub as an extension to GitHub and it has helped my team a lot to organize our work. I just saw that GitLab provides some of this functionality as well. Check out the video to see the issue boards in action. Here is a screenshot of a quick test.


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