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Introducing the Conversation Inspector for IBM Watson

My colleague Ansgar Schmidt and I have developed a new tool for developers to simplify building conversational user experiences with IBM Watson Conversation. The tool displays JSON data of REST API requests that is sent between applications and the Watson Conversation service and it allows developers to modify outgoing JSON messages.

With the tool developers can test their intents, entities and dialogs defined in Watson Conversation without having to write their own test applications or to invoke curl commands. This is useful when, for example, you use context variables extensively to manage state information in conversations.

Try out the online version to explore the functionality of the tool. The online version has been pre-configured with a Watson Conversation service with the car dashboard demo workspace.

We have open sourced the Conversation Inspector for IBM Watson on GitHub and would like to get your feedback how we can further improve it.

Below is an overview of the functionality.

Displays JSON data of incoming messages and provides filters


Displays JSON data of outgoing messages


Allows sending outgoing messages via text or JSON


Displays history of conversation steps and allows developers to navigate back to previous steps


We have several ideas how to further improve the tool. Check out the issues for details. If you have more ideas or run into issues, please create new issues or send pull requests.

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