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Lotus Notes composite applications book

Yesterday I checked how many times the composite application ‘book’ had been downloaded that we posted in June 2008 in the composite application wiki. This book has been requested by many people, but to my big surprise it has not been downloaded as often as I expected. I guess that is because we hide it too good and we should publish it where more people can find it.

This book is similar to a redbook as we used to have them, but it doesn’t go in too much detail technically. Instead it describes the business value of composite applications in Lotus Notes and then gives an overview of the technical capabilities.


  1. Introduction: Applying knowledge
  2. Business value of Notes 8.x application development
  3. Roles and tools
  4. Architecture overview
  5. Getting started with Eclipse as a Notes developer
  6. Building NSF components
  7. Building Java components
  8. Assembling Composite Applications and creating widgets
  9. Deploying applications
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