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Application Modernization Resources on IBM Developer

In this short blog I list resources IBM provides around the topic ‘Application Modernization’ which is a topic that gets more and more important for companies as part of their journey to the cloud and their digital transformation strategy.

In my other article 10 Reasons why Enterprises should modernize Applications I describe why you want to use the following resources.

Landing Page

The best way to start learning about app modernization and IBM offerings is the IBM Garage page:

Transformation Advisor

Transformation Advisor is a tool that helps you access, analyse and modernize middleware based Java apps:

WebSphere Application Server Migration Tools

The migration toolkit provides Eclipse-based tools for WebSphere migration scenarios including Cloud migration, WebSphere version to version migration including WAS Liberty, and migration from third-party application servers.

The Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries provides a command line tool that quickly evaluates application binaries for rapid deployment on newer versions of WebSphere Application Server traditional or Liberty.


Mono2Micro is a new tool (currently available as beta) that helps converting monoliths into microservices:

IBM Developer Resources

Probably the best way to get started with app modernization is to learn how modern cloud native applications are written. IBM Developer provides articles, samples, tutorials and more:

More Articles and Resources

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