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OpenNTF Slides from Dominopoint Days 2012

Giuseppe Grasso invited me to this year’s Dominopoint Days which I attended for the first time. It was a great event and I had a lot of fun. Thanks a lot to Giuseppe, Daniele Grillo and Claudio Meregalli for organizing it.

This year the event wasn’t in a castle, but in the IBM forum in Milan which I really liked. I couldn’t attend most sessions since they were in Italian but I had great conversations between and after sessions and at the OpenNTF booth.

I was surprised that more people attended Dominopoint than the German user group DNUG in the previous week. For my session this was very good since I had more than 100 attendees. Below are my slides.

I also want to thank Rene Winkelmeyer and Frank van der Linden for helping out at the booth and taking pictures.


The only downside was that my flight back to Germany was canceled because of a strike. Thanks a lot to Sandra Bühler for explaining the route from Milan to Munich. Who needs a car navigator if you have a map like this.

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