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Thank you, Philippe Riand

Last week Phil posted that he’s “picking up new challenges in a much smaller company”. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Phil for more than five years almost on a daily basis. I’ve learned a lot from Phil and want to thank you, Phil, for all your help and advice.

Phil has accomplished incredible things for IBM Domino app dev/XPages and for app dev for IBM Connections. Without Phil XPages wouldn’t have had the huge business success. He delivers and gets things done. Phil is a visionary, lead, architect and great developer all in one person. Everyone likes to work with him.

Just to name some examples, it was Phil who implemented the first version of the XPages Extension Library and ensured to get it added to IBM Domino. In addition to this Phil has delivered many other open source projects on OpenNTF, e.g. the Social Business Toolkit SDK, Bootstrap4XPages, JDBC Access for Domino, Workflow for XPages, XPages Toolbox, XPages Bazaar and more.

All the best, Phil.

Here is a picture of our joint session at Entwicklercamp 2012.


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