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Kicking off a new Blog Series: XPages Usage in IBM Connections

As the readers of this blog will know, I’ve done some work in the area of integrating XPages in IBM Connections. The goal is to use XPages as rapid application platform to extend IBM Connections easily by leveraging skills and infrastructure customers have already in place.

Recently I published a video showing a simple scenario where XPages has been used to extend Connections. In the new blog series I want to document how I’ve implemented this sample. Some of the techniques I used I’ve already explained:

XPages in full page mode – core enablement
XPages in full page mode – iFrame resizing

Setup of single sign on via LTPA
Single sign on for backend REST API calls (now in extension library)
XPages social enabler video
Sample: Add bookmarks and update status

Quick start image on IBM SmartCloud
Images for IBM business partners

Open source:
XPages social enabler
XPages for Connections

Over the next days/weeks I’d like to blog about the following topics:

Resources for developers
Deployment of iWidgets
REST API documentation and tips
Event SPI sample
Remote debugging of SPI implementations
– Full text search SPI sample

There is a shortcut to this web page: http://XPag.es/?ForConnections

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