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New Snippets on OpenNTF and XSnippets News

Simon McLoughlin from the XPages development team has contributed a couple of snippets that can be used to build mobile apps.

Run JavaScript Code on Orientation Change
Use different CSS Resources based on Orientation
File Download Control for Mobile Devices
Read User Agent

More than 70 snippets have been shared so far on XSnippets. Here are some samples that I think are especially good:

Create HTML mails in SSJS using MIME
Call Dynamic JS Functions from Dialog in XPages
DbLookup and DbColumn, with cache, sort and unique
get global SSJS Object for use in JAVA

Serdar Basegmez has extended the XSnippets application. It will be deployed soon and he will blog about it. Rene Winkelmeyer is working on the Domino Designer integration that was demo’d at Lotusphere. Plus the OpenNTF board has some ideas how to further promote XSnippets. Details later.

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