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The new OpenNTF Website: A longer Journey

Check out the new OpenNTF website.

I’m really glad that we’ve finally managed to update this site. Since I’ve started to work on OpenNTF at the end of 2008 there have been discussions about improving the site.

This is how the website looked in 2008.


At the beginning of 2009 Steve Castledine updated the home page and two years later we updated the project pages.


In 2012 Giuseppe Grasso started to implement a new theme for the home page and the project pages, but we didn’t manage to complete it.


In order to allow an easier refresh of the site, we simplified the structure of the site significantly at the beginning of 2013 and choose a blue background.


After the simplifications we requested proposals for the design and implementation of a new user interface for the OpenNTF.org website and Oval Business Solutions implemented the new site.

I want to thank especially Martin Rolph for his work and also Christian Guedemann, Per Henrik Lausten, Prominic and Bruce Elgort for their help.


Let us know what you think. Also if you have screenshots from the website before 2008, feel free to post them here.

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