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Web Content Management Extension for IBM Connections

The IBM partner TIMETOACT GROUP developed a product Custom Page & Web CMS Extension for IBM Connections.

“IBM Connections works perfectly for cases of personal and casual exchange of information and ideas. For the realization of a classic intranet homepage it is missing formal web content management functions as e.g. a conventional navigation and controllable news. With our easy to use custom homepage you can combine formal and casual information in one application and thereby take one big step into the direction of one social platform for your employees.”

Technically the content management extension leverages IBM Connections as a content store, e.g. news are stored in Connections blogs and accessed via REST APIs.

Content from the content management extension is displayed on a custom home page which has been integrated in IBM Connections. This page can be customized using the same customization user interface that community moderators use to add widgets to communities. This allows the usage of the same/existing widgets also on the home page.

The deck below also talks about a clipping widget that allows content from external websites to be integrated and the deck lists several potential future extensions.

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