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Lotus knows Superman

In honor of YellowDay I was thinking about what Lotus means to me.

During my time at university I worked for a small company in Germany where we implemented Lotus Workflow. After university I started to work for this company full-time since I knew that there is a good chance to be acquired by Lotus/IBM. I did this even though at that time employees didn’t get (regular) salary anymore. Four months later I was invited to come to Boston for an interview and some weeks later I moved to Boston.

At this time (1999) Lotus had a big marketing campaign “I am” going on. Part of this campaign was the usage of the character Superman. The slogan “I am Superman and I can do anything” described exactly how I felt at that time. I reached my goal to work for Lotus. Over the weekend I found this old picture that I took in Boston from the marketing material. I think the other side said “I am Superman” but I didn’t take a picture of this. This picture is mainly blue but I’ve learned in the last years that yellow and blue are a great combination.


By writing this I just realized that I had last month my 10th anniversary working for Lotus/IBM. I’ve really enjoyed this time and I hope for at least 10 more years. I work with great people on innovative and interesting technologies. Also in this big company there are always options for change to try something new.

As always in my career (well in most cases anyway) the current job is always the best one. I work now on Notes/Domino application development and want to make OpenNTF even more successful. I’m looking forward to the next months since there are a couple of interesting things going on.

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