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Social Project Management for IBM SmartCloud for Social Business

Trilog Group provides a solution ProjExec® Live which is a social project management application for IBM SmartCloud for Social Business leveraging the IBM Connections functionality in the cloud: “The flexible on demand subscription model of ProjExec Live lets you initiate online project communities to collaborate on projects across virtual teams, customers, suppliers and partners instantaneously and at an extremely affordable price while eliminating the need to deploy the solution on-premise.”

Watch the video to see ProjExec Live in action.

Technically the solution demonstrates a couple of interesting capabilities:
– Each project is linked to a Connections community, where project members can collaborate (video at 4m10s)
– User profiles are used from SmartCloud and project members are synchronized with community members (video at 4m55s)
– Extension of the SmartCloud apps navigator (video at 6m25s)
– Store shared files in Connections communities (video at 8m55s)

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