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Internet Of Things Scenarios and Samples for Bluemix

After I’ve implemented my own first Internet Of Things sample application, I’ve searched for other samples and scenarios. There is a whole lot of samples already available ranging from beginner-type of samples to actual scenarios providing great value. Below is a list of scenarios to give you some ideas how you can leverage the Internet Of Things and a list of samples to help you to get started.

Conserve water with the Internet of Thingsscreenshot

Race Trackerscreenshot

Connected home automation app and connected car app

Driving drones and shark tracking — page 20 and 22

Working with wearables

Move a toy car with your mindscreenshot

Real-time heart rate monitorscreenshot

Connecting to a TI Sensor Tagvideo

IoT starter for Android

Fitbit step contest appscreenshot

Real-time sales-tracking systemscreenshot

Where app for Pebble usersscreenshot

Get moar steps appscreenshot

Analyze game data from the Oculus Riftscreenshot

Temperature sensor with the Arduino Unoscreenshot

IoT application with Arduinoscreenshot

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