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Facebook Controls for XPages Social Enabler on OpenNTF

I’ve created some controls to easily embed Facebook functionality in XPages applications. All controls use the Facebook JavaScript API and Facebook’s HTML extension XFBML. Technically the tricky part was to add a namespace to the HTML tag but that complexity is hidden now in the SDK control.

The controls include some of the key Social Plugins that Facebook provides, e.g. the like button, send button and login button and the ability to use Facebook comments. Additionally you can you the Graph API to read from and write to Facebook.

The first screenshot shows the new controls in the palette and some of them, e.g. like button, used in an XPage:


Here is the runtime UI of that XPage:


The next screenshot shows the login button and the result of an API call to get the user’s picture:


Watch this short video to see the controls in action.

I’d like to make this available soon with other new social controls in the OpenNTF Social Enabler project.

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