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Yesterday I released a new version of XPages Mobile Controls on OpenNTF. I had received some feedback that it wasn’t obvious for people where to start. Since there were three NSFs including Dojo in the project and too little documentation I spent some time to clean this up. There are still multiple databases in the project showing different functionality but only one database that everyone should use to get started. That database contains Dojo 1.6 Mobile and everything else you need to build your first mobile app including apps for the iPad.

The documentation is now easier to consume but it’s not a full documentation of every control and every property. Fortunately I just reviewed a great deck from someone who will speak about these controls and he created a great step by step walkthrough how to build your first app. I hope he can share this soon.

The other thing I posted this week is an overview deck of the OpenNTF project Social Enabler that Philippe Riand and I created. I’ll talk about this at DNUG together with Rene Winkelmeyer. Rene asked yesterday a good question in his blog – what is a social application?

Phil and I would also like to continue on the Social Enabler project. I won’t say too much today but as a preview in the screenshot you can see data from the IBM Social Business Toolkit activity stream not only rendered in an XPage as previously but this time the data is read by just using an XPages data source so that you get functionality like the pager for free.


I’m also very very happy about something that we’ll announce on Monday. Stay tuned.

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