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Looking forward to attending JavaLand next Week

Next week from March 24th to March 26th JavaLand will take place in the theme park Phantasialand in Cologne, Germany. After the success of the conference last year and from what I’ve heard this year will be another great event.

IBM sponsors JavaLand and as part of this sponsorship we have a booth and several sessions about IBM Bluemix from great speakers.

At our booth you can not only learn about Bluemix, but we will also have two lotteries on Tuesday and Wednesday where people can win two GoPro 4 cameras.

Below are our sessions. Check also out the full conference program.
IBM Bluemix – The Cloud Platform Java Developers have been looking for
Speakers: Niklas Heidloff, Ryan Baxter
Today, developers creating simple Web based applications have benefited from an abundance of new easy to use tools. But Java developers who want to create more powerful full-featured applications are often stuck with the tedious old-school approach to application development. That’s until now. Today, with IBM’s new Bluemix cloud platform, Java developers can get up and running with their code quickly and easily, without dealing with any of the underlying infrastructure, operating systems, or network configurations. Bluemix lets you, the developer, focus on what really matters—your application. With Bluemix, you can also experience true developer freedom. From JEE to Spring, Tomcat to WebSphere Liberty, from Ant to Gradle, and from Eclipse to IntelliJ, you’re free to choose the tools, languages, and frameworks that best fit your needs.
This is the “must see” session where you can meet with IBM’s lead Bluemix Developer Advocates as they show Bluemix in action. Join with the team and experience how you, the Java Developer, can find freedom in the cloud.
From Git to Docker to Defect Tacking – An Introduction to IBM DevOps Services
Speaker: Ryan Baxter
Lets be honest, when you start a development project DevOps is not the first thing you think about. As developers we want to get right into the code; dealing with SCM, delivery pipelines, and agile planning are not what we want to do. The goal of IBM DevOps Services is to make DevOps enjoyable for developers. IBM DevOps Services is a SaaS offering which provides you with everything from Git SCM to user story and defect tracking. IBM DevOps Services is also tightly integrated with IBM’s platform-as-a-service Bluemix allowing you to build delivery pipelines that deploy your application right to the cloud. You can even package your application in a Docker container providing you with endless deployment options. With IBM DevOps Services you can setup your DevOps tools quickly and easily allowing you to get to the important stuff – the code!
Build cognitive Apps that help enhance, scale, and accelerate Human Expertise
Speaker: Salil Ahuja, Niklas Heidloff
IBM Watson represents a bold new partnership between people and computers that enhances, scales, and accelerates human expertise. Watson provides various cognitive services that can be integrated via REST APIs in your own apps, for example user modeling, questions and answers, speech recognition, concept expansion and much more. Attend this session to learn about the cognitive Watson services available on IBM Bluemix, IBM’s Platform as a Service. With Bluemix developers can focus on writing code rather than setting up infrastructure and they can mix various services into their applications. In this session you’ll see a live demo how to build apps leveraging these cognitive capabilities.
Building Quality Assurance into Your Mobile Apps
Speaker: Georg Sander
Determining the quality of mobile applications requires you to look beyond the application itself and take into account all the systems and services the application makes use of. We illustrate the ease with which you can gain insight into the quality of a mobile app and make quick, accurate course corrections to improve its quality, by using IBM’s Mobile Quality Assurance (MQA) solutions. We demonatrate how to add a little MQA to a mobile app, enabling it to send context-rich crash, bug, feedback and log reports back to a development team in real-time, and how to extract insight from thousands of review comments on an app store in just moments.
The Cloud, an Arduino, an Application, Server, and me
Speaker: Holly Cummins
Computers are getting smaller and smaller and cheaper and cheaper. It’s possible to sock computers away almost anywhere, and to connect almost anything to the internet. This talk will explore the limits of embeddable hardware and present a getting-started-guide to the internet of things, using a pcDuino, WebSphere Liberty, and Bluemix as a case study. What’s needed? How much does it cost? What’s the best way of making an embeddable device talk to the internet, and turning data into an application? As well as hints and tips, there will be a show-and-tell session (or “demo” if you’re discussing with your boss).
Deep dive on Watson Developer Cloud Services
Speaker: Salil Ahuja
This session is a technical deep dive on selected Watson Developer Cloud Services like Personality Insights, Speech to Text and Trade off Analysis. Come learn about how you can leverage these cognitive services to smarten your apps and solutions to provide a transformative targeted experience for your end users. The session will include live demos and detailed instructions on the building applications with these services.

Here is an appetizer video.

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