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XPages project running live on OpenNTF

One of the things I like about the dojotoolkit.org web site are the various simple samples that you can run live without installing anything (e.g. see this page for some demos). Many other sites have similar functionality. Most of these samples are rather simple and show what different things can be done primarily from an UI perspective. This allows developers to quickly get some ideas what can be done with a certain technology. I’ve always wanted to provide something similar for Notes/Domino app dev features.

I’ve asked internally what internal samples we/IBM could publish to OpenNTF. One of the many responses was from Paul Hannan. He suggested to post his XPages demo application. When I saw this app it immediately reminded me on the live demos from other sites. Paul published the sample now on OpenNTF in it’s own project so that you can get the source code. In addition we host the application live on OpenNTF: see here.

This is the first application that we host live. Others might follow. In addition to hosting only these simple controls one could imagine to host even more sophisticated samples live that demonstrate more business value. But obviously we need then to define a process and infrastructure to do this (e.g. in a secure manner).

Here is a screenshot of the XPages demo app:

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