Embed XSnippets from OpenNTF in Blogs

By Niklas Heidloff, posted on Nov 21, 2011

As I blogged earlier this week Frank van der Linden, Serdar Basegmez, Bruce Elgort and I developed and deployed a beta version of XSnippets on OpenNTF.

One of the features is the capability to embed XSnippets easily in blogs and other web sites. We hope that developers use XSnippets to post their snippets that can then be embedded in personal blogs, maybe with additional information. That way the snippets can be found on blogs and on OpenNTF.

Right now the snippet can be embedded via iFrame with absolute sizes for width and height. We're trying to improve this, e.g. to have 100% height and no scrollbars (as currently in Chrome and Safari).

Here is an example of an embedded snippet from OpenNTF - XAgent:

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