Demo: Extend IBM Connections rapidly with XPages

By Niklas Heidloff, posted on Jun 8, 2012

IBM Connections is social software for business that lets you access everyone in your professional network. XPages is IBM's rapid application development platform for web and mobile applications.

In the video below I demonstrate a simple scenario how a Connections community has been extended using XPages. I focus on the typical user experience and show that users cannot see which parts of the community application have been built via XPages vs which parts are core Connections functionality.

Technically I had to write some code to make this work. I'll blog about this over the next days or weeks separately and I want to open source these utilities. With these utilities it is a matter of a few hours to build an extension as the one in the video.

I'll continue to work on Connections XPages integration scenarios. If you have requirements please let me know.

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