Watson Conversation How-Tos have been published

I’ve written two How-Tos which describe how to use the Watson Conversation tools Ansgar Schmidt and I had open sourced.

The new page on developer.ibm.com contains How-Tos which describe everything that might be of interest for developers using the IBM Cloud. In contrast to patterns How-Tos are typically shorter and sometimes contain ‘only’ documentation and no source code.

Inspecting Watson Conversations REST Requests
“This how-to explains how to set up and use the community tool, Conversation Inspector for IBM Watson, to display and manipulate the JSON that is sent between applications and Watson Conversation services. This is useful when you use context variables extensively to manage state information.”

Open How-To


Optimizing Watson Conversations based on Usage Analytics
“This how-to explains the way to set up and use the community tool Conversation Optimizer for IBM Watson to provide various views and find conversation flows that have potential issues and might require improvements in addition to the Watson Conversation improve component.”

Open How-To


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