Testing Watson Conversations in Slack

Next week Ansgar Schmidt and I will give a session ‘How to write your own Slack Chatbots in Javascript‘ at codemotion. We will demonstrate how to connect Slack to Watson Conversation via the open source project botkit which leverages the Slack Real Time Messaging API.

This works well for production bots, but requires some configuration first. For testing purposes there is an easier way to create a Slack app with a bot user and to add this to a Slack team.

From the ‘Deploy’ page in the Watson Conversation tool you can choose to test your workspace(s) in Slack.


Next you can choose your Slack team and authorize the connection via OAuth. This creates a Slack app and bot user.


To interact with Watson you can invite the bot user.


Note that there are currently some limitations and at this point this functionality is only for testing purposes.

One thought on “Testing Watson Conversations in Slack

  1. win breit says:

    How does this work with Watson Assistant?
    The deployment options only refer to botkit framework…?
    Also, what about the limitation to US south cloud?

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