Pictures from W-JAX 2018

This week I had the pleasure to attend W-JAX in Munich which is a conference for Java and enterprise developers with 1400 attendees. I’ve been to JAX and W-JAX several times and really like this conference. Great speakers, great content, great discussions. Below are some pictures.

The IBM team: Thomas Südbröcker, Andrea Overthun, Miriam Oglesby, Fernando Cejas, Miguel Crisanto, Christine Mayer, Steve Poole, Chris Ferries, Niklas Heidloff



Chris Ferris did a keynote Who Pays for Open Source? A Case for Open Governance & Enterprise Contributions. He also updated recently his article IBM’s approach to open technology which is essentially a longer version of the keynote.



I gave a session Development of AI Applications without Machine Learning Skills which was well attended and triggered very interesting discussions after that.



Steve Poole explained in this session What’s new for Java in clouds why IBM open sourced OpenJ9 and how OpenJ9 has been optimized for dockerized Java microservices.


Fernando Cejas explained in his session Reality’s Dark Side: Quantum and Monkeys quantum computing and demonstrated IBM’s quantum playground