Pictures from JAX 2018

Last week my colleagues and I attended JAX, which is a developer conference with 2000 attendees with a focus on Java and enterprise technologies. My colleagues and I presented and demonstrated the IBM Cloud and the IBM Code developer site. Below are some pictures.

The team: Denis Ley, Miriam Oglesby, Fernando Cejas, Niklas Heidloff and Jamie Coleman


My sessions Serverless oder Kubernetes? Wie soll ich meine Applikationen bauen? und Entwicklung serverloser Applikationen mit Apache OpenWhisk:




Fernando’s keynote The Art of Coding Disasters and Failures:


At the booth we demonstrated collision prevention with Anki Overdrive cars which I open sourced two years ago. Very similar demonstrations were given by two other companies. As it turned out they used my Node.js API as well. The power of open source. So cool!

At our booth visitors could steer the cars via Kinect:


Another company demonstrated how trees on the track can be detected:


Yet another company demonstrated how cars can drive over a crossroad without colliding. The latest version of their demo also includes Node-RED.


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