Making of the Video ‘Application Modernization and Rabbits’

Do you want to know what rabbits have to do with app modernization? Check out my previous blog Application Modernization and Rabbits or watch the video.

The production of the video was a lot of fun!

While you only see me in the video, a whole team of great and very professional people was involved. Thanks a lot everyone who helped! I really appreciate it.

The video is part of a series where developer advocates talk about the cloud, microservices and application modernization. The developer advocates are authentic to the target audiences, since we are or have been developers as well. To make the videos more attractive, we couple key messages with personal hobbies and we tell stories.

I submitted my draft story of app modernization and rabbits and was chosen to do one of the videos. We started with brainstorming of the story and a writer created the script. With the whole team we had several review cycles.

Next we had a remote session where I showed my location. I had preferred to do the video outside, but because of the weather we decided to do it inside.

Since I wasn’t able to show the real hutches and rabbits, my colleagues came up with the idea to build a model. Again, we had several cycles. My wife and I came up quickly with prototypes.

To make it look better, my colleagues gave me instructions how to build a better one with walls and connections between them. It had been a long time that I handcrafted something like this.

My colleagues also 3-d printed some rabbits and we added a green floor.

Because of Corona everything had to be done remotely and it worked pretty well. The complete equipment was sent to me.

During the production day three cameras were streaming me in high quality. As cameras an iPhone 11 and an iPhone 11 Max were used.

Again, thanks a lot to the team!

Everything was so professional. I like especially the bunny explosion that we did via stop motion. It’s only two seconds in the video, but it took us more than two hours only to take the shots. Once in 16×9 and one more time in 1×1 for Instagram. And I’m sure it took them a long time to actually create the video with me standing behind it.

There is so much love for details in the video. For example my daughter wears IBM socks in the same color as the textbox explaining the scene.

After the production I felt pretty relieved.

Here is the video: