Introducing Blue Cloud Mirror, a Fun IBM Cloud Showcase

Blue Cloud Mirror is a game where players need to show five specific emotions and do five specific poses in two levels. The faster, the better.

Play the game. It only takes a minute. All you need is a webcam and a Chrome browser.

Get the code from GitHub.

Here are my results:


The game uses key technologies of the IBM Cloud and has three main parts:

  • Core game: Implemented as web application and via Cloud Functions since it is only used during conferences
  • Users service: Implemented via IBM Cloud Private to avoid having the personal data in a public cloud
  • Scores service: Implemented via Cloud Foundry Enterprise Edition to show easy theme adoptions for different conferences

The following diagram shows the key components:


I’ve built Blue Cloud Mirror together with my colleagues Thomas Südbröcker and Harald Uebele. Over the next days, they will contribute their parts and we will write a series of blog entries about how we’ve built the application.

For now, we’d like to get your feedback. After you’ve completed both levels, you can tweet a link to the application which will include a Twitter Card with your results. Please let us know what you think.

Try the Game!

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