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Yesterday we launched Collaboration Today. Read the OpenNTF blog entry for details.

I’d like to thank everyone who has helped to make this happen. Especially I want to thank the people who’ve developed the app – Bruce Elgort, Per Henrik Lausten, Serdar Basegmez and Frank van der Linden. Bruce, Serdar and Frank are also the authors of XSnippets, Per joined the project when he heard that we’d like to build a new community app. They have spent a lot of their sparetime to work on this app.

I also want to thank the OpenNTF board members. I think it’s great that OpenNTF owns the new site. It’s a site for the community, done by the community and owned by the community. Our goal is to be open and transparent, for example by having different experts as moderators for the different categories.

The feedback from the community was incredible. I stopped counting after I’ve read close to 100 tweets. Very motivating for everyone who made this website possible. Thanks to everyone who has commented/tweeted/re-tweeted etc.

Ed Brill: Collaboration Today, and why curation matters

Venkatesh “Venki” Krishnamoorthy: “The creators of Collaboration Today have a great sense of UX, and the the browsing experience is seamless. This site also serves as a great public reference site for the kind of cool interfaces you can build with XPages. The responsive UI is super cool. The speed of rendering is great .. some good systems engineering there. All in all a great effort by the team. Thanks!”

David Leedy: The Making of

Luis Benitz: CollaborationToday is now Live

Serdar Basegmez: Bir XPages gösterisi:

Frank van der Linden: Welkom Collaboration Today (Dutch)

After the successful soft launch we now have to add certain functionality, find moderators, etc. etc. We’ll also blog about how we’ve built the app technically and we intend to open source it soon on

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